contoh skripsi bahasa inggris

contoh skripsi bahasa inggris


Motives are particular classes of reasons. Many sorts of things can be reasons for actions, but motives are reasons for a particular sort. A motive is not necessarily a discreditable reason for acting, but it is a reason asked for in a context where there is a suggestion that it might be discreditable. The demand is for justification, not simply explanation, because not all reasons for action are motives. This is obvious enough for we can ask whether a reason for an action is a motive............

..........Different people place varying degrees of importance on the kinds of love they received. There are three kinds of love, they are: Interpersonal love, Impersonal love, and Religious love. Interpersonal love refers to the love between human beings. It is more sympathetic than the notion of very much liking for another. Although the feelings are sometimes reciprocal, there can also be unrequited love. The writer thinks that interpersonal love is a common love...........

The term “amor platonicus” was coined as early as the 15th century by the Florentine scholar Marsilio Ficino as a synonym for “amor socraticus”. Both expressions signify a love focused on the beauty of a person's character and intelligence rather than on their physical charms. They refer to the special bond of affection between two men Plato had highlighted in a dialogue, and exemplified by the affection between Socrates and his young male pupils, in particular to the one between Socrates and Alcibiades..........

contoh skripsi bahasa inggris
Mature person who is in love will have an open or hidden desire for sexual contact with the one he loves; the erotic element varies greatly in different love relationships. A boy may be attracted to a girl, or a girl to a boy, seeking to be near one another, speaking, admiring words, desiring to gaze upon each other and to share tender confessions, without having any clear sexual intention. Sorokin and Hanson (1953:184) claim.........

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